This library provide send mail or send mass mail in background

Mass Mail Background, Bulk Mail Background, Send Mail Background



PHP ^7.0 PHP Gearman Extension Reference


  1. Dynamic dedicated workers for each job, start workers on the fly
  2. Rich configurations. Configure number of dedicated workers for each background job in config
  3. No execution delay. Start execution job immediately when submitted
  4. Retry to send not delivered emails. Configure number of retry in config
  5. Remove workers from memory when job completed
  6. Don't need to restart workers when make any change to code
  7. Support both SMTP authenticated and non-authenticated mails
  8. Support up to 6 attachments in each email
  9. Support MySQL and Oracle database storage for sent log
  10. Throw errors and output in error-logs-gearman folder at root. Very useful for debugging

How to use

Check out the examples folder given in package.

How to test

  1. Point to /vendor/bin dir cd ./vendor/bin
  2. Execute PHPUnit tests: phpunit --configuration ./../../tests/phpunit.xml
  3. To check phpunit version: phpunit --version