A frontend for forlaravel/laravel-forum providing views written with Bootstrap 3

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This package provides a conventional front-end for forlaravel/laravel-forum It should be installed along with the forum unless a custom or alternative front-end implementation is required.


Step 1: Install the package

Install the package via composer:

composer require forlaravel/laravel-forum-frontend

Then add the service provider to your config/app.php:


Step 2: Publish the package files

Run the vendor:publish command to publish the package config and views to your app's directories:

php artisan vendor:publish

Additional steps

Once the package is installed, provided you are logged in, you can visit /forum and start defining your category hierarchy using the "Create category" and "Category actions" panels:

Category management example


The forum.frontend config file defines the controllers used by the package as well as a closure used to process alert messages to be displayed to the user.


Views are published to resources/views/vendor/forum. The simplest way to integrate the forum with your existing design is to edit the master view, remove undesired markup and make it extend your application's main layout with @extends. Note that the master view does pull in jQuery and Bootstrap 3 by default, and includes some jQuery-based JavaScript to support some of the forum frontend features. You may wish to move it elsewhere or re-write it in your own way.


The package includes a variety of events for user interactions such as viewing threads. Refer to src/Events for a full list.