FootballData plugin for CakePHP 3.x



FootballData plugin for CakePHP 3.x

The goal of this plugin is to provide football data for any CakePHP-application. And yes, football as in real football, not the kind where you pick it up with your hands and throws it around.

This is not a wrapper around football API's, rather a standalone football database that gathers data from different providers.

Providers will be

  • Football-data.org (free)
  • XMLSoccer.com (paid)

Is this for me?

Not at this moment. Right now I'm prioritizing a re-factoring of my old application, so step 1 is to be what I need. Next step is to make it available to the community to make your own stats site. Lack of unit tests and documentation makes it even harder at the moment.


Goto app folder and run

composer require harderwork/football-data:"dev-master"

then in config/bootstrap.php add

Plugin::load('HarderWork/FootballData', ['routes' => true]);

The plugin is now accessible at


If tables are not created, run

bin/cake migrations migrate -p HarderWork/FootballData

In your environment, define a cache engine to be used for caching heavy queries: