TYPO3 extension, which makes it possible to add, maintain and display courses of studies

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TYPO3 extension in2studyfinder


in2studyfinder is a generic TYPO3 extension, which makes it possible to add, maintain and display courses of studies in a structured way with different filterable views. This extension is the basic version, which can be extended by various fields, functions and interfaces.


Require in2studyfinder via copmoser: composer require in2code/in2studyfinder or download a current version from [https://github.com/in2code-de/in2studyfinder](in2studyfinder on github) or install in2studyfinder from TER or in the Extension Manager. Include in2studyfinder's TypoScript Template "Basic Template" and "CSS Template" if you want to have a minimum of styles in the frontend (e.g. if you don't want to style it yourself). If your TYPO3 installation does not include jQuery in the Frontend yet, you have to set the constant plugin.tx_in2studyfinder.settings.javascript.addJQueryFromGoogle = 1 to enable jQuery inclusion (required). Create a storage folder in your page tree where you will add your study courses and set all settingsPids and storagePids of in2studyfinder to the storage folder's UID.

Target group

TYPO3 Websites from

  • Colleges + Hochschulen
  • Universities + Universitäten


Individual modules and functions

in2studyfinder can be extended by individual importers (e.g. from SLCM, Hochschulkompass, HIS, etc.). It's also possible to extend it with new fields or additional tables or add new functions like a keyword filter. Please ask Sandra for more information about additional modules or if you need professional services:





  • TYPO3 8.7 or newer
  • PHP 5.6 or newer


manipulatePropertyBeforeExport: this signal allows to manipulate values before they are exported to the CSV


  • Q1: Can I use fe_users or tt_address for the persons?
  • A1: Of course, you can map persons to any existing table via TypoScript
  • Q2: I need to import persons from an external service, but how?
  • A2: Please ask in2code for professional service or individual importers


Version Date State Description
6.2.2 2019-09-06 TASK make content object data available in the fast search
6.2.1 2019-08-27 BUGFIX set settings PID for FacultyRepository, fix typo
6.2.0 2019-08-27 FEATURE add new view fast search which shows only an input (select) with the available courses
6.1.0 2019-06-03 FEATURE remove unnecessary url attributes of the quick select, add the "manipulatePropertyBeforeExport" signal
6.0.2 2019-04-02 BUGFIX add missing query execution, fix html escape from content element renderer, move ext_icon into Public/Icons/
6.0.1 2019-03-18 BUGFIX fix possible detail view exception because the lib.activeDateFormat do not exist
6.0.0 2019-03-13 [!!!]TASK add TYPO3 9.5 support
5.0.0 2019-03-01 FEATURE adds an backend module with course export. Last release for TYPO3 7.6
4.0.2 2018-11-26 BUGFIX fix 404 redirect on any course detail page. Last release for TYPO3 6.2
4.0.1 2018-10-16 TASK update npm modules and gulp to prevent JavaScript vulnerabilities of outdated node modules
4.0.0 2018-08-23 [!!!]TASK use interfaces for the domain objects wherever possible
3.0.8 2018-06-06 BUGFIX reduce the page type num to prevent exceeded integer number in 32 bit systems
3.0.7 2017-12-07 BUGFIX fix filter behavior if a filter is disabled via typoscript and also set in the backend, add the typoscript option disabledInFrontend for filters
3.0.6 2017-11-27 BUGFIX fix wrong ajax URL handling, fix duplicate cache entry if no contentElementStoragePid is set
3.0.5 2017-11-27 BUGFIX fix wrong ajax URL if realUrl or a similar extension is used
3.0.4 2017-11-23 BUGFIX set the correct storage pids for ajax requests if an "Record Storage Page" is selected
3.0.3 2017-10-19 BUGFIX fix broken translations on filter ajax requests. Add a default configuration language configuration 0 = de and 1 = en
3.0.2 2017-10-19 BUGFIX Fix leading slashes for typo3 8 if in2studyfinder_extend is used
3.0.1 2017-09-22 BUGFIX Fix no filter parameter in the URL, remove use statements in TCA to prevent use conflicts, fix broken filter accordion icons, add button highlighting
3.0.0 2017-09-19 [!!!]TASK [!!!] update HTML markup, compatibility for Typo3 8.7 add basic CSS styling, change CSS classes, update javascript handling. For more details look at the release commit 3.0.0
2.1.2 2017-08-30 BUGFIX Use the correct repository if the extension is extended
2.1.1 2017-08-29 BUGFIX Use correct cmpObj function if the course model has been overwritten
2.1.0 2017-08-24 [!!!]FEATURE [!!!] Drop StuyCourseListContextRepository, add option to save selected filter values, For more details look at the release commit 2.1.0
2.0.4 2017-06-28 BUGFIX Always set filter, hide invalid start of study date, use cache API correctly
2.0.3 2017-06-13 BUGFIX Some small CSS fixes
2.0.2 2017-06-12 BUGFIX Fix number of requests on quickjump, change loading image with SVG
2.0.1 2017-06-02 BUGFIX Add a readme and license file
2.0.0 2017-05-31 Task Initial free release on Github