pChart is a PHP class oriented framework designed to create anti-aliased charts.

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pChart - a PHP Charting library

  • Made by: Jean-Damien POGOLOTTI
  • Last Update: 19/01/2014


pChart is a PHP framework that will help you to create anti-aliased charts or pictures directly from your web server. You can then display the result in the client browser, sent it by mail or insert it into PDFs.

This library has now reached an important point in its development cycle going out of the beta step. pChart 2.0 is a completly rewritten library based on what I've learned doing the first version.


 ├─ /cache          This folder is used by the pCache module.
 ├─ /class          This folder contains the library core classes.
 │   │
 │   ├─ pBarcode39.class  Class to draw Code 39 barcodes.
 │   ├─ pBarcode128.class Class to draw Code 128 barcodes.
 │   ├─ pBubble.class     Class to draw bubble charts.
 │   ├─ pCache.class      Class enabling chart caching functionalities.
 │   ├─ pData.class       Class to manipulate chart data.
 │   ├─ pDraw.class       Extended drawing functions.
 │   ├─ pImage.class      Core drawing functions.
 │   ├─ pIndicator.class  Class to draw indicators.
 │   ├─ pPie.class        Class to draw pie charts.
 │   ├─ pScatter.class        Class to draw scatter charts.
 │   ├─ pSplit.class      Class to draw split path charts.
 │   ├─ pSpring.class     Class to draw spring charts.
 │   ├─ pStock.class      Class to draw stock charts.
 │   └─ pSurface.class        Class to draw surface charts.
 ├─ /data           This folder contains extended data.
 │   │
 │   ├─ 39.db         Code 39 barcodes static database.
 │   └─ 128.db            Code 128 barcodes static database.
 ├─ /examples           This folder contains some PHP examples.
 │   │
 │   ├─ delayedLoader     Delayed loader script example.
 │   ├─ imageMap      Image map script example.
 │   └─ sandbox           Powerful dev. tool to design your charts.
 ├─ /fonts          This folder contains a bunch of TTF fonts.
 ├─ /palettes           Sample palettes files.
 ├─ change.log          History of all the changes since the 2.0
 ├─ GPLv3.txt           GPLv3 official text.
 └─ readme.txt          This file.


This library has been written to work with PHP 5+ versions. It will also work with PHP 4 but the rendering quality maybe downgraded and the rendering speed seriously impacted.

pChart require the GD and FreeType PHP extensions to be installed on your web server. This is an important prerequiste that can't be overrided.


pChart is shipped with examples (located in the /examples folder) that you can either render from a web page using your http and pointing to this folder or from the command line invoking the php interpreter.

On windows OS, assuming that your PHP binaries are correctly configured in the PATH environment variable you can also execute the BuildAll.cmd batch file.


The pChart library is released under two different licenses. If your application is not a commercial one (eg: you make no money by redistributing it) then the GNU GPLv3 license (General Public License) applies. This license allows you to freely integrate this library in your applications, modify the code and redistribute it in bundled packages as long as your application is also distributed with the GPL license.

The GPLv3 license description can be found in GPLv3.txt.

If your application can't meet the GPL license or is a commercial one (eg: the library is integrated in a software or an appliance you're selling) then you'll have to buy a commercial license. With this license you don't need to make publicly available your application code under the GPL license terms.

Commercial license price are depending of your needs.

Please consult the web page : http://www.pchart.net/license


Those external components are only provided as a base to run examples. The pChart library does not depends on any of them to be used.

Famfamfam icons has been made by Mark James, Rounded corners lite has been coded by Cameron Cooke and Tim Hutchison, Javascript Color Picker has been written by Honza Odvarko.

The provided font files are licensed under their own terms :

   ├─ advent_light.ttf  Copyright Andreas K. inde
   ├─ Bedizen.ttf   Copyright Tepid Monkey Fonts
   ├─ calibri.ttf   Copyright Microsoft
   ├─ Forgotte.ttf  Copyright Ray Larabie
   ├─ GeosansLight.ttf  Copyright Manfred Klein
   ├─ MankSans.ttf  Copyright Manfred  Klein
   ├─ pf_arma_five.ttf  Copyright Yusuke Kamiyamane
   ├─ Silkscreen.ttf    Copyright Jason Aleksandr Kottke
   └─ verdana.ttf   Copyright Microsoft


Since the beginning, pChart is a community driven project. You're missing feature then ask! We'll try to get it implemented in the future version or you'll be guided to create a class extension for your own needs.

(c)2014 Jean-Damien POGOLOTTI - 13k lines of codes