Making it simple to integrate your application with Dice Jobs API.

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Dice Jobs Client

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DEPRECATION NOTICE: As of October, 2017 the Dice Jobs API has been shut down. Dice has given me no reason for this, but there's nothing I can do about it. This library no longer works, and everything outlined below is just here for history's sake.

To contact Dice, please fill out this form on their website.

This package provides Dice Jobs API support for the JobBrander's Jobs Client.


To install, use composer:

composer require jobapis/jobs-dice


Create a Query object and add all the parameters you'd like via the constructor.

// Add parameters to the query via the constructor
$query = new JobApis\Jobs\Client\Queries\DiceQuery([
    'text' => 'engineering'

Or via the "set" method. All of the parameters documented in the API's documentation can be added.

// Add parameters via the set() method
$query->set('skill', 'soldering');

You can even chain them if you'd like.

// Add parameters via the set() method
$query->set('state', 'Illinois')
    ->set('city', 'Chicago')
    ->set('country', 'United States');

Then inject the query object into the provider.

// Instantiating provider with a query object
$client = new JobApis\Jobs\Client\Provider\DiceProvider($query);

And call the "getJobs" method to retrieve results.

// Get a Collection of Jobs
$jobs = $client->getJobs();

This will return a Collection of Job objects.


To run all tests except for actual API calls

$ ./vendor/bin/phpunit

To run all tests including actual API calls

$ REAL_CALL=1 ./vendor/bin/phpunit


Please see CONTRIBUTING for details.



The Apache 2.0. Please see License File for more information.