This is a script responsible to recursive iterate all folders presented in the target folder and create a index based on the information found. The main objective is to index ".md" files!



Index Generator

Index generator is a script that aims to generate a README.md file that can help locate files faster. It spawns in a personal necessity where my repositories ended up with tons of files that I needed to locate.

Maybe I am not the most organized person, or maybe I change my structure rules a little too often, when it comes to glossaries, but it sounded like a good idea at the time! :)

It is still under development, so the folder target is still to be decided.

Because the main idea was to execute it as a hook, it grown around that. Trust me, much has changed in this script since its early days, but seems to start having a better shape.

Since that it was its main concern and I sure need it to run in the hook folder of my repositories, will keep it for now. A command execution for it, to change the folder target is my second idea for it.