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Journey Planner Build Status

A simple journey planner that uses Transfer Patterns to quickly (~50ms) return a full days schedule of journeys. It currently uses UK Rail data but could include any GTFS-ish dataset.

The journey planner is available to use through the CLI or an API. You can see it in action and understand the API call by viewing

There is a fairly basic journey filter applied to remove some of the noise. A journey is removed if it departs at the same time as another but arrives later, or it arrives at the same time and departs earlier. In the case of a tie the journey with the least number of changes is used.


This project depends on PHP and MySQL or MariaDB. The following environment variables should be exported:

export DATABASE_USERNAME={{ database_username }}
export DATABASE_PASSWORD={{ database_password }}
export DATABASE_HOSTNAME={{ database_hostname }}

Instead of this you may use the development environment.

Set up

If you are using the development environment you do not need to import anything and the API is available at http://api-ttt.local/.

If you want to run it as a stand-alone journey planner you can run the import script below and then use the transfer pattern generator tool to create the transfer patterns. The transfer patterns take a while to create (30min~ on an 8 core machine) so you can download a dump of them from

composer install
npm install


./bin/run TON CHX 2016-07-26T09:00

The date is optional.

Web interface

You will need to set up a virtual host for the API. If you are using the development environment this is typically http://api-ttt.local/.

curl "ttt.local/api/journey-plan?origin=PDW&destination=MAR&date=2016-07-25T09:00"

PHP interface

$origin = "PDW";
$destination = "CST";
$targetTime = new DateTime("2016-07-25T09:00 UTC");

$planner = $app["planner.group_station"];
$journeys = $planner->getJourneys($origins, $destinations, $targetTime);





Issues and PRs are very welcome. Alternate journey planning algorithms to calculate transfer patterns are welcome.

The project is written in PHP 7.0 but relies on MariaDB/MySQL to do a lot of the heavy lifting.


This software is licensed under GNU GPLv3.

Copyright 2016 Linus Norton.