Attach objects to notification's session flashed variable

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Laravel Notificator

Simple session flashing messages manager for Laravel

Notifications are stored in Laravel's session flash input, keyed by notifications

Create a notification

Notificator::success('This is a success notification');

You can choose between 4 types

  • success
  • info
  • error
  • warning

Print a notification

@foreach(Notificator::all() as $notification)
    <div class="alert alert-{{ $notification->getBootstrapClass() }}>
        <p>{{ $notification->getMessage() }}</p>

getBootstrapType() transforms the error type into danger to use it with Bootstrap default CSS alerts. If you're not using Bootstrap, you can use getType to get it as error.

If you just want the first notification or you know you'll work with just one, you can use



Notification's Messages also have an integer $duration in case you use a javscript library like toastr.js

You can modify the default duration of 5 seconds when creating the notification

Notificator::success('Message', 10000); // 10 seconds