Generate TailwindCSS color palette from a single color.

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TailwindCSS Color Palette Generator

Generates TailwindCSS color palette (ranging from 50 to 900) from a single base color (which can be given as a hex value, HSL or RGB).

Uses HSL color model and base color lightness to generate step colors by raising (or lowering) lightness in steps (and considering bound thresholds).


Install it via composer by running:

composer require lukapeharda/tailwindcss-color-palette-generator


First, import needed namespaces and classes:

use LukaPeharda\TailwindCssColorPaletteGenerator\Color;
use LukaPeharda\TailwindCssColorPaletteGenerator\PaletteGenerator;

Then create your base color:

// from hex
$baseColor = Color::fromHex('#ffff00');

// or from RGB
$baseColor = Color::fromRgb(255, 255, 0);

// or from HSL
$baseColor = Color::fromHsl(60, 100, 50); // or $baseColor = Color::fromHsl(0.6, 1, 0.5);

Lastly, use base color to create a color palette:

$paletteGenerator = new PaletteGenerator;
$palette = $paletteGenerator->getPalette();

Generated $palette will be an array where keys are TailwindCSS color steps and values Color objects:

$palette = [
    50 => Color,
    100 => Color,
    200 => Color,
    300 => Color,

You can then loop over it to generate CSS variables or use it anyway you see fit:

foreach ($palette as $key => $color) {
    echo '--color-primary-' . $key . ': #' . $color->getHex() . ';';


PaletteGenerator class has some configurable options set to a sensible defaults.

Base color step value

By default base color step value is 500. This means that 5 lighter colors and 4 darker will be generated in a palette.

You can change it by calling setBaseValue method on the PaletteGenerator object:


By setting the base value to 400 4 lighter colors and 5 darker will be generated.

Bounds thresholds

By default the lightest generated color will have a lightness value of 90% and the darkest will have the lightness value of 10%.

You can change this by calling setThresholdLightest and setThresholdDarkest methods on PaletteGenerator object:

$paletteGenerator->setThresholdLightest(80); // or $paletteGenerator->setThresholdLightest(0.8);
$paletteGenerator->setThresholdDarkest(20); // or $paletteGenerator->setThresholdDarkest(0.2);

Color steps

By default, TailwindCSS 2.x color steps range is used (from 50 to 900).

You can override it by calling setColorSteps method on PaletteGenerator object by giving it an array with step values:

$paletteGenerator->setColorSteps([100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700]);


Different strategies for generating colors are planned to be developed.