a wrapper for djunehor/laravel-sms with support for the latest guzzlehttp client and php 7.x



Bulk Sms

Bulk SMS allows you to send SMS from your Laravel application using one of the 2 sms providers, or your own sms provider.


Step 1

You can install the package via composer:

composer require maximof/bulk-sms

Laravel 5.5 and above

The package will automatically register itself, so you can start using it immediately.

Env Keys




Step 2 - Publishing files

Run: php artisan bulksms:install This will move the config file to the config directory of your app. You can set your sms details in the config file or via the env file

Step 3 - Adding SMS credentials

  • Add the env keys to your .env file
  • Or edit the config/laravel-sms.php file


//using BulkSmsNigeria
use Maximof\BulkSms\BulkSmsNigeria;

$sms = new BulkSmsNigeria();
//returns true if everything went fine. Or false if error occured.
//You can get exception via getException() or get the server response via getResponse()
//exceptions will be logged in your laravel log file

Using Helper function

$send = send($message, $to, $from, BulkSmsNigeria::class);
//returns true/false

The default SMS provider is Smart SmsSolution. You can set the default SMS provider in config/bulk-sms.php eg. 'default' => \Maximof\BulkSms\Connectors\BulkSmsNigeria::class,, so you can use the helper function like this:

$send = send($message, $to);
//$from is optional and its better set in the config

Available SMS Providers

Provider URL Tested
BulkSmsNigeria Yes
SmartSmsSolutions Yes

Creating custom SMS Provider

  • Create a class that extends Maximof\BulkSms\Connectors\Sms class
  • Implement the send() which makes the request and return bool
  • (Optional) You can add the provider keys to the config/bulk-sms.php


  • Fork this project
  • Clone to your repo
  • Make your changes and run tests composer test
  • Push and create Pull request