ZTal makes integrating the PHP templating system PHPTAL into Zend Framework easy.

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ZTal is an open source project to replace the View and Form capabilities of Zend Framework with the PHPTAL templating engine.

ZTal provides the glue that allows Zend Framework to use PHPTAL templates as Views and Layouts while also allowing PHPTAL to access Zend Framework's Translation facilities. In particular:

  • ZTal replaces Zend View and Layout objects with PHPTAL equivalents.
  • ZTal has macros to render Zend_Form and other common Zend objects such as Zend_Date and Zend_Currency.
  • ZTal has access to Zend_Translate, unifying translation support.
  • ZTal handles PHPTAL translation namespaces where they are not supported natively in Zend_Translate.
  • ZTal provides plural support to PHPTAL's translation capabilities.
  • ZTal can use Zend_Cache to cache rendered PHPTAL pages.
  • ZTal provides a Zend_Mail subclass to use templates with email.


For more information and documentation please visit the ZTal Wiki or look through the example Zend application provided.


As of v1.5.0, ZTal requires PHPTAL 1.2.3 (currently unreleased) or later. Alternatively, you can apply a tiny patch to 1.2.2.

Other Questions

Feel free to chat with the ZTal developers (and others) on IRC in the #ztal channel on Freenode.


See LICENSE for more details.