PHPun is the easy-to-configure Task Runner for PHP

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PHPun is the easy-to-configure Task Runner for PHP. Jump to documentation.

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PHPun, pronounced /fʌn/ like fun, is an easy-to-configure Task Runner for PHP. It's an automation CLI tool for performing repetitive tasks like compilation, linting, unit testing, deploying, etc... It allows you to script any task that needs to be automated, like your development, build or deployment processes, in order to keep the configuration stored in your Version Control System like the rest of your code.

Easy configuration

All the tasks/commands can be configured using just YAML files, this will simplify the reading and understanding of your processes as well as keep them updated and tool agnostic (your build configuration will be placed in your source code and not in your Continous Integration tool).

Is PHPun intended for PHP projects only?

No. PHPun can be used for any kind of project, but because is built with PHP, it requires PHP >= 5.6 to work. We will not support previous PHP versions, if you are still using an older version consider upgrading.

Why another Task Runner?

Ant, Grunt, Gulp,... there are a lot of Task Runners made with other languages than PHP, I know, but using them will require you to install Node.js, Java,... or other languages in your laptop/server. I've also found some Task Runner already made with PHP, like Robo or Task, but I wanted a Task Runner easy to configure and this means to not write code.

I like how Ant works, the configuration is just an XML file, but I don't want to install java on my build server and I don't like the XML syntax for configuration, it's too verbose and there is a lot of noise when you try to read it. This is the main reason for PHPun to exist, I hope you'll like it and you'll help me building it.

Built on top a robust software

PHPun is not so big project, it's a little tool built mostly with some Symfony components. This allow us to focus on building a tool for automation; the process manager, the command tool, the profiler,... are just taken from the Symfony project making easier the maintenance of the project.


The source of the documentation is stored in the src/Resources/doc/ folder in this library:


All the installation instructions are located in the documentation folder.

Reporting an issue or a feature request and contributing

See the contributing guide.


See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.


PHPun. The easy-to-configure Task Runner for PHP.

Copyright (C) 2016 Alberto Varela

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