A RebelCode module that provides UI for booking appointments



RebelCode - WP Bookings Front UI

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A RebelCode module that provides UI for booking appointments

Assets building


We are using RequireJS to manage all dependencies. They are loaded from CDN in runtime asyncroniously. In case when CDN is not available we are using Require JS fallback mechanism to handle this case. You can read more about this here: https://requirejs.org/docs/api.html#pathsfallbacks


For building assets of this package you need to have installed node and npm.

Before build you need to install all dependencies, including bower:

$ npm install

Bower is used to download dependencies from CDN and hold them locally to use them as fallback.

After dependencies installation you are ready to build assets:

$ npm run build

Build command will build module's JS and CSS and store result in dist folder. After building bower install will be automatically called. It will copy all CDN scripts to dist/scripts folder. This copied scripts provide fallback ability for RequireJS.