UI for time-consuming tasks of the Ride framework



Ride: Tasks web application

This module adds a UI to run different time-consuming tasks.


The Task interface is what you need to implement for each task you want to offer.

You can inherit from AbstractTask to omit the obvious functions.

Define Your Task

To make the application know your task, add a dependency definition for it in your dependencies.json:

    "dependencies": [
            "interfaces": "ride\\web\\base\\task\\Task",
            "class": "my\\TestTask",
            "id": "test"

Code Sample

Check the following code sample to get you on your way:


namespace my;

use ride\library\i18n\translator\Translator;
use ride\library\form\FormBuilder;
use ride\library\system\file\browser\FileBrowser;

use ride\web\base\task\AbstractTask;

class TestTask extends AbstractTask {

     * Name of this task, should be the same as your dependency id
     * @var string
    const NAME = 'test';

     * Constructs a new test task
     * @param \ride\library\system\file\browser\FileBrowser $fileBrowser Let's 
     * use the file browser to retrieve the job result
    public function __construct(FileBrowser $fileBrowser) {
        $this->fileBrowser = $fileBrowser;

     * Hook to prepare the form to ask for extra arguments
     * @param \ride\library\form\FormBuilder $form
     * @param \ride\library\i18n\translator\Translator $translator
     * @return null
    public function prepareForm(FormBuilder $form, Translator $translator) {
        // if you need extra information for your task, you can use this hook
        // to prepare a form which asks for these arguments
        $form->addRow('test', 'string', array(
            'validators' => array('required' => array()),

     * Gets the queue job of this task
     * @param array $data Extra arguments from the form
     * @return \ride\library\queue\job\QueueJob Job to invoke
    public function getQueueJob(array $data) {
        // your extra arguments, as defined in prepareForm, will be passed on to 
        // this method

        // you should return a QueueJob which holds the logic of your task
        return new TestQueueJob();

     * Gets the result of this task
     * @param string $queueJobId Id of the invoked queue job
     * @return mixed
    public function getResult($jobId) {
        // extract the result 
        $application = $this->fileBrowser->getApplicationDirectory();

        return $application->getChild('data/test-' . $jobId . '.txt');