This plugin detects the visitor's preferred language and sets the local configuration for TYPO3's language engine accordingly. Both, one-tree and multiple tree concepts, are supported. It can also select from a list of similar languages if the user's preferred language does not exist.

multilanguage, extension, language, detection, localization, typo3



Changes for version 7.0.0

TYPO3 CMS 7 compatibility

ATTENTION: The plugin is not automatically registered to your PAGE object anymore, do that manually where needed. See manual!

  • Removed old xclassing
  • Created a TypoScript static template (!!! breaking)
  • Moved class to Classes folder and namespaced it
  • Migrated manual to ReST

Changes for version 3.1.0

  • Added support for PEAR package Net_GeoIP
  • Removed support for deprecated extension ml_geoip

Changes for version 3.0.0

TYPO3 extension rlmp_language_detection ready for 6.2

  • Removed all require_once() calls
  • Replaced deprecated function calls to the new namespaced ones
  • Reformatted code according to the TYPO3 CGL