Multisite plugin for October CMS

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Domain-based multisite plugin for OctoberCMS

Link to company repo:


  • Register themes for different domains
  • Filter which domains can use backend


If you use Multisite plugin from OctoberCMS Market, please do not use this repository. Voipdeploy brand is merging with Keios and this version of the plugin has all namespaces and table names replaced. As soon as our brand is upgraded in OctoberCMS Market, we will remove this notice.

How to use:

  1. Navigate to Settings -> CMS -> Multisite
  2. Enter your desired domain name (Fully Qualified Domain Name required) and select active theme for that domain.
  3. Save, that's all, anyone visiting selected domain bound to that OctoberCMS instance will see your selected theme.

If you change your themes without changing selected themes in Multisite settings, plugin will automatically route all non-matching requests to theme selected as default in OctoberCMS theme selector. That might complicate things a bit, read further.

How to work on multiple themes in one OctoberCMS?

As theme selector of OctoberCMS will be overridden by this plugin, it will have another role - theme selector will now allow you to switch between themes used for edition in CMS module. However, theme selector is used to select default theme and should anything happen to Multisite configuration, plugin will redirect all non-matching requests to that theme. If you change theme to work on it on a site visited by your guests, it would be a smart move to switch back to your desired default theme in theme selector when you end your work, just in case.


Your settings are saved in database and cached using your configured cache service on every configuration save to avoid unneeded database calls.