Serenata (previously "PHP Integrator") is a gratis, libre and open source server that indexes PHP code and performs static analysis. It stores its information in a database and retrieves information about your code to clients by communicating over sockets. Clients can use this information to provide code assistance, such as autocompletion, linting, code navigation and tooltips.

More information for users, both developers looking to implement clients for other editors as well as programmers using the server via editors and IDE's, can be found on the wiki as well as the website.

What Features Are Supported?

Serenata is, since version 5.0 and on the current master branch, a language server that follows the language server protocol. See also the support table for more information.

Where Is It Used?

The php-ide-serenata package integrates Serenata into the Atom editor via Atom-IDE.


If you want to use the server as language server inside an editor or IDE, you can either install the PHAR, which is the recommended and easiest way to install the server, or install the server via Composer.

PHAR (recommended)

Download the latest stable PHAR for your PHP version from the releases page.

You can also find the latest unstable builds as PHAR by downloading the artifacts of the latest pipelines.


composer create-project "serenata/serenata" serenata --prefer-dist --no-dev


If you downloaded the PHAR:

php -d memory_limit=1024M distribution-7.x.phar --uri=tcp://

Or if you installed via Composer:

php -d memory_limit=1024M <Serenata folder>/bin/console --uri=tcp://

Using as host allows the server to be reachable when located on a different machine, such as across the network or inside a (e.g. Docker) container.

You can select any port you desire, as long as it is not in use on your system.

The memory limit can also be freely set. Serenata keeps a lot of things in memory as cache and the memory needed thus depends on the size of the project, the PHP version as well as the operating system. To give you some idea, at the time of writing, when running the server on itself, it sits at around 250 MB on a 64-bit Linux system with PHP 7.3.

The server can additionally be optimized by installing certain extensions. See the wiki for more information.


If you want to make the server part of your (existing) project and use the classes contained inside it for your own purposes:

composer require "serenata/serenata"

Note that the server was designed primarily as an application and not as a library. However, it is still very much possible to instantiate the classes you need yourself.

You may also be interested in other libraries that are part of the Serenata suite. In the future, more code may be split from the server into proper, separate libraries.


As this project is inherently large in scope, there is a lot of potential and a lot of areas to work in, so contributions are most welcome! Take a look at our contribution guide.

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