A nice blog system with laravel and laravelpanel

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A nice blog system with laravel 5 and laravelpanel


You can check the live demo here and live admin demo here . User: Pass: 12345

Screen shot

  • This is a custom CRUD with few lines of code : Gallery dashboard of panel Edit Pages

Installations for laravel 5

Note: if you face any problem in any of the steps you should report it at github

  1. First you need to create a laravel 5 project

  2. Add our package to require section of composer : for laravel 5.2

        "require": {
            "serverfireteam/blog": "2.*"

    for laravel 5.1

        "require": {
            "serverfireteam/blog": "1.*"
  3. composer update

  4. Add the ServiceProvider of the package to the list of providers in the config/app.php file

    'providers' => array(
  5. Run the following command in order to publish configs, views and assets.

    php artisan blog:install
  6. Go to your and you can login with the following username and password :

    user : password : 12345

  7. check your blog at