Laravel package for laravel/sanctum auth

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Laravel Sanctum Auth Package

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Laravel package for Laravel Sanctum user authentication feature

For information & usage about Laravel Sanctum, please refer to Laravel Sanctum documentation.

Get Started

Include the Sanctum Auth package by calling this composer command in project root:

composer require setiawanhu/sanctum-auth


We may publish the Sanctum Auth migration files using vendor:publish artisan command:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Hu\Auth\SanctumAuthServiceProvider"

This command will copy the user role's migration file to /database/migrations folder and will publishing the laravel/sanctum configuration and migration files.

Then, run Sanctum Auth artisan command by running:

php artisan sanctum-auth:controller [{type} --force]

This command will generate the auth routing out of the box.


  1. The type argument is optional with default value are token. The controller will be generated based on given argument value. Available types are token and spa.

  2. The --force option is optional. We may use it for ignoring existing controller.

Then, make User model to extend AuthModel class:

class User extends AuthModel

Using Roles

if the User has roles, we may use the HasRole trait to the User model:

use HasRole;

Then, we add a new field to the users table:


Then, run the database migration command:

php artisan migrate