Product stock notifications



Stock Alert

This module has two different features :

  • send email notifications when the quantity in stock is under a certain limit.
  • allow customers to subscribe to an unavailable product to be notified when it will be available again.



This module requires Thelia in version 2.1

It must be placed into your modules/ directory (local/modules/).

You can download the .zip file of this module or create a git submodule into your project like this :

cd /path-to-thelia git submodule add local/modules/StockAlert

Next, go to your Thelia admin panel for module activation.


Add it in your main thelia composer.json file

composer require thelia/stock-alert-module ~2.0


You can activate or not the admin notifications on the configuration page of the module. You can also define a threshold for product quantity and a list of emails.

For the customer, the display is managed by hooks. So if you deactivate the hook product.details-bottom and product.javascript-initialization this feature will be deactivated for customers.
You can also customize the display in redefining the html templates in your frontOffice template. You have to copy the files inside templates/frontOffice/default/ in your template, in directory modules/StockAlert/. Files should have the same names.

You can also customize emails sent by the module. You have to copy files from templates/email/default/ in your email template directory, edit them, and select this template in the Mailing templates configuration page.


This module adds a new hook:


You can place it anywhere in your template and use it instead of the product.details-bottom hook if you don't want to use it.

It calls the same function as the product.details-bottom hook and renders the ```product-details-bottom.html`` template`

Important: don't forget to disable the hook you don't want to use (product.details-bottom for example).