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This is a Light Stalk Composer Framework Class project.

By definition , a framework is a set of codes that dictates the application of flow control.

Based on this I created a class that has the main purpose of enabling you to create a basic framework for PHP projects , allowing simple way you can better organize the logic of your application , supporting , including the use of the MVC approach.


To get started, simply use the composer to import a example application using the comand: composer create-project thiagotoledo/copacabanaexample:2.0 CopacabanaExample


The Copacabana Framework need a mod_rewrite mode is on and the Composer project installed.

If you need more a help about mod_rewrite this you can see this good article.

###Detail documentation Access information about all API public methods click here or access with browser the docs directory.

Important This is the beginning of the project , hope you enjoy and use is only for now study projects, ok? Thank you