Scaffolding to install Titan Framework's Core in production environments.



Titan Framework: Core Installation Script


Titan is a framework for instantiation of content management systems (CMS), allowing the creation of complex web applications. The Titan Framework proposal is to be a simple and complete development tool, allowing you to create robust applications quickly and easily.

Titan was developed and is maintained by the partnership between the Software Engineering Laboratory (LEDES) of the Faculty of Computing (FACOM) of the Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul (UFMS) and the Laboratory for Precision Livestock, Environment and Software Engineering (PLEASE Lab) of the Embrapa Beef Cattle of the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa).

Using Composer this script works making a work copy, with most recent TAG, of Git repository of Titan Framework's CORE. It's especially useful to install the core of Titan Framework on servers (with test, homologation or production environment).

Getting Start

To start using Titan Framework, is strongly recommended create a new instance using titan-framework/instance.

Otherwise, if you implemented a instance and wants to publish, please, you need install Composer and install Git on server, and do:

composer create-project titan-framework/install path/to/local/folder

More Information

After install CORE in server, your web application will not works yet. For this, you need install all requirements (like Apache with mod_rewrite, PHP and it's extensions, PostgreSQL, etc). See Titan Cookbook (in portuguese) to detailed explanation. You can also access our mailing list to learn advanced features and answer questions.