The core package is a combination of the common, type, and utility packages. These packages provide shared functionality, like type management, data handling, and inheritance.

annotations, yaml, xml, path, time, config, array, utility, map, type, number, hash, Buffer, format, crypt, registry, factory, list, abstract, string, common, inflector, sanitize, interfaces, traits, validate, collection, titon, types, bags



The core package is a combination of the common, type, and utility packages.


Provides interfaces, traits, and abstract implementations for common patterns used within other packages. Some of the functionality found in this package are annotations, in-memory caching, singleton and multiton support, mutable APIs, and much more.


Provides a chainable immutable object oriented interface for dealing with array lists, hash maps, and string buffers.


Provides lightweight static classes for common tasks. These tasks include: encrypt and decrypt data through the mcrypt extension, format strings into common patterns, inflect strings to specific forms, apply calculations or evaluations on numbers, resolve file paths and class names, clean and filter data, modify and analyze strings, evaluate and compare dates and times, and much more functionality.

Most of the functionality found in the static classes can also be found in global helper functions. The list of all functions can be found in the bootstrap file within the source folder.