TopMcFrance Api client for PHP

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Top MC France - Vote Checker

Check a code to vote on the site of TopMcFrance before giving a reward for his vote.

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For each vote on the site TopMcFrance with enabled API.
The site generates a verification code to enter the site. This class allows check TopMcFrance about the validity of a code.

Each generated code is unique to the server and can only be used one time.

The Api is currently on developement.

Installation by composer

Add into you composer.json :

"topmcfrance/api-client": "^1.0"

Installation by autoload

If you haven't composer, you can include the autoload.php into you webpage

require_once "topmcfrance-api/autoload.php";


use TopMcFrance\Api\VoteChecker;
use TopMcFrance\Api\ApiException;

$serverId = 1; // Your server Id
$code = '123456789' // Code take by our user after voting;

$voteChecker = new VoteChecker($serverId);

    // vote confirmed, you can give so many diamond !
} catch(ApiException $e){
    $error = $e->getApiMessage();
    // error in check, see ApiException for more option