Installer for various CLI Tools that are useful when developing PHP

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There are still many PHP developers that do not use their console because it takes longer to do as if they would do it with their IDE.

While this might be true for some tasks there are other tasks that can be accomplished faster within your CLI or that can be accomplished only within your CLI (like the Symfony Console).

E.g. PHPStorm provides a special Command Line Tools Console that provides autocompletion for Symfony Console tools. Although this feature might be quite nice, the Command Line Tools Console is not as powerful as e.g. the bash.

A better approach would be to pimp your console with various tools that make working with the bash more comfortable. And while there are many tools that do a great job, they are scattered and installed by several ways.

The PHP CLI Tools are an installer for various CLI tools. Most of the tools are specific to PHP but some will also help you dealing with Git in the command line or something like this.

You can install them by running composer global require ufomelkor/cli-tools-installer and then cli-install to have a look at the available tools (assuming that you have the global bin-dir of composer in your path). If you want to install all tools simple run cli-install all.