Foundation components for vaccuum framework.

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Vaccuum / core

Lightweight PHP micro-framework.

This is the core, bare-bones Vaccuum framework foundation and provides just the basic functionalities comparable with those of Slim micro framework.

Why yet another framework?

There are few PHP micro frameworks out there, true. But they are either to small, or to big. Goal of the project is to provide some slightly opinionated yet configurable framework with official add-ons for different stuff.

Part of the goal is to be as flexible and strightforward as possible, meaning you can install templating component, or sessions, or token authentication, etc.

But without fighting with configurations, integrating stuff. Just two lines of code here and there and ready to take-off.

Why such a name?

Vaccuum framework is based on AuraPHP components, which older name was Solar, space stuff, and here we have it - vacuum. Just omit or repeat whichever letter to be hipsta & cool. You know.


Vaccuum framework is licensed under MIT license. See license file for more information.