Yii2 console command to easily tail the application log

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Inspired by spatie/laravel-tail

Tail your logs with yii2 console

How to install

  • composer require vladyslavstartsev/yii2-log-tail
  • Go to (or create) your console LogController and drop in
    public function actions()
        return [
            'tail' => ['class' => '\VladyslavStartsev\YiiLogTail\Actions\TailAction'],
  • Done! your should see your logs tailed by running ./yii log/tail.

How to use

  • ./yii log/tail - tails your logs


lines - number of lines to tail. use it like this ./yii log/tail


  • Why it was written as action and not as separate controller?

The reason is because LogController seems to be popular name for me. By using action, you can just "inject" it wherever you want

  • Why did you use Laravel Collections ?

There are 2 reasons of it

  1. They have very neat API
  2. yii2 collections was not stable at the moment of the development


Contributions are welcome and will be fully credited.

We accept contributions via Pull Requests on Github.