A suite of helpers traits to help you writing functionnal tests with phpunit for symfony2

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Symfony2 functionnal test helpers

This library offer you a set of Traits to ease the creation of functionnal tests for both REST api and normal HTML controllers of your symfony2 application. It also take care as much as possible to close the database connections after the tests are done (which by default phpunit seems not to do)


add in your composer.json :

    "require-dev": {
        "we-bridge/functionnal-test-helpers": "*",
        "liip/functional-test-bundle": "~1.0",

Then the classes are accessible from the namespace WeBridge\TestHelpers


A more complete documentation is to come, waiting for that one can directly check the code, which has been made to be as clear as possible, if you got any specific question, you can open a ticket, we're quite fast to answer.

For ApiHelpersTrait

For the moment the Api go with the assumption that except for binary data (images etc.), you want to send and receive JSON encoded data

Perform requests

all these methods perform the request using $this->client and it's your responsability (for the moment) to create it to fit your needs

Once the Request is performed, the raw response is assigned in $this->response if the content is json, the decoded content will in $this->responseJson

  • performGET(string $uri) GET request to $uri
  • performDELETE($string $uri) DELETE request to $uri
  • performPOSt(string $uri, array $data) json_encode the $data and POST it to the URI
  • performPUT(string $uri, array $data) json_encode the $data and PUT it to the URI
  • performPATCH(string $uri, array $data) json_encode the $data and PATCH it to the URI

Methods to play with data fixtures

  • given(string $fixtureName) , load the entity referenced by $fixtureName and set it in $this->entity
  • refreshEntiy(), resync/refresh the entity in $this->entity with the database

Assert HTTP status code


  • assertBadRequestError() => 400
  • assertPermissionError() => 401
  • assertPermissionDenied() => 403
  • assertNotFoundError() => 404
  • assertResponseUnprocessableEntity() => 422

  • assertOkSuccess() => 200

  • assertCreatedSuccess() => 201
  • assertNoContentResponse() => 203

Assert JSON returned

all these assets use the property $this->responseJson, which is populated by

  • assertEmptyList , check the json returned by a perform* is a json Array with 0 element
  • assertNotEmptyList , check the json returned by a perform*is a json Array with 1+ element
  • assertResponseHasFields(array $fields) check that the json returned is a json object made of at least the fields given in parameters
  • assertListElementsHaveFields(array $fields) check the json is an array for which every single element contains at least the given fields

Usage For REST Api


namespace YourBundle\Tests\Controller;

use WeBridge\TestHelpers\ApiHelpersTrait;
use Liip\FunctionalTestBundle\Test\WebTestCase;

class AnalystControllerTest extends WebTestCase
    use ApiHelpersTrait;

    private static $ANALYST_FIELDS = [

    private $analyst = null;

    public function setUp()
        $this->client = static::createClient();

    public function testGetAnalystsWithoutSortReturnBadParameter()

    public function testGetAnalystsWithdValidSortReturnListAnalysts()
        //TODO replace by phpunit stuff to feed with data
        foreach (['hot', 'recommended', 'newest'] as $validSort) {


Usage For normal Controllers


namespace YourBundle\Tests\Controller;

use Liip\FunctionalTestBundle\Test\WebTestCase;
use WeBridge\TestHelpers\IsControllerTestTrait;

class CommentsControllerTest extends WebTestCase
    use IsControllerTestTrait;

    const COMMENT_OF_VIDEO_PAGE = '/backend/comments/of-video/';

    private $video;

    // if you don't use any fixtures declare this array as empty
    // in latter version it will not be needed to declare it if not used
    protected $fixturelist = [

    public function testOpenCommentOfVideoPageShouldHaveAlistOfComment()


    // conveniency methods

    private function givenVideo($fixturesName)
        $video = $this->fixtures->getReference($fixturesName);
        $this->video = $video;

    private function openCommentOfVideoPage()
        $id = $this->video->getId();

    // assert

    private function assertListofCommentsPresents()
            'The table containing the list of comments was not found.'

            'There is no comment listed.'


The method getFirstElementByTestName('example') takes the first HTML tag with the attribute


the goal being to put all identifier and selectors based on data-for-test-* attributes, the rationnal being that this way you can modify without fear your id and class or tag types without breaking your tests (and there's nothing more raging than to break tests because you refactorize the CSS)




Contributions are warmly welcomed, be it

  • Feature requests
  • Bug reports
  • PR correcting one little typo
  • PR adding some functionnalities

if you would like to contribute but have no clue on how to do it feel free to open an issue explaining what you want to do, and we will try to guide you step by step.