Simple ICS generator for PHP




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Simple ICS generator for PHP


When creating a new calendar, you can optionally pass a TZID as a string to the constructor to make sure it will be correctly interpreted (this is highly recommended). The list of supported timezones can be found here

$ics = new PIG\ICS('Europe/Paris'); // For example, or any timezone

Then you just have to put all your events using the addEvent function

        '2018-10-06 20:15:00', // Start
        '2018-10-07 02:00:00', // End
        'Awesome party', // Title
        'At my house', // Optionnal location
        'Amazing party, with friends and all' // Optionnal description
    )->addEvent( // You can chain theese calls if you want
        new \DateTime('2018-10-07 15:00:42'), // Dates can be a \Datetime too
        new \DateTime('2018-10-07 02:00:00'),
        'House cleaning ...'

Finally to write the file on disk, you need to call the saveICS function, providing the path you want to write to