The library that supports the Awesome Shield PCB. An integral part of the Awesome Shield learning ecosystem. Learn more at

platformio lib install 726



What's the Awesome Shield Library for?

  • An Arduino library that works with the Awesome Shield hardware.

Third-Party Libraries###

A modified version of some third-party libraries are included in this repository. This code is covered by the same license provided by its authors. The .cpp and .h files from these libraries are in the root directory of this repository and have been prepended with "AS_" to avoid conflicts with original versions. Other files distributed with these libraries, including license files, are included in the third_party_libraries directory. Examples from third party libraries have been left out to avoid confusion when selecting examples from this library.

A modified version of these libraries is included to include their functionality without requiring users to install multiple libraries to use Awesome Shield.


  • Contact Chris Palmer (github username: cwjpalmer, email: chris [at] awesomeshield [dot] com)