Due SD HSMCI (Macchina)

High Speed MultiMedia Card Interface (HSMCI) for the Arduino Due.

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SD HSMCI for Macchina M2

Libraries and Examples for Macchina M2 HSMCI (High Speed MultiMedia Card Interface). Provides faster read/write to SD cards while freeing up SPI interface.


  1. Download the files
  2. Move the folder Arduino_Due_SD_HSMCI to your Arduino Libraries
  3. Move the folder SD_HSMCI to your Arduino Libraries (Same level as Arduino_Due_SD_HSMCI)

Storage manipulation

  • The SD object will be created on #include <Arduino_Due_SD_HSMCI.h>
  • Use SD.MakeDirectory to create a directory

Creating a file

  • Create a new FileStore with FileStore * f = new FileStore()
  • Initiate the File pointer with f->Init()
  • Open the File Structure with f->Open([DIRECTORY], [FILENAME], [FILE_WRITE | FILE_READ])
  • Write with f->Write([BUFFER], [LENGTH]);
  • Close f->Close()


There are 6 example sketches included in Arduino_Due_HSMCI-master Library. List and description of examples in order of complexity:

  • DirManipulation creates new directory, rename directory and delete directory from SD card
  • FileManipulation creates new file, open/close file, rename file and delete file
  • FileList creates files and writes raw data to them, checks writing times and creates a list of files on SD card
  • Datalogger_dif creates new file, reads GPIO and log data to SD card
  • Dumpdata_SerialtoSD creates new file than reads from SerialUSBand writes to the file
  • Dumpdata_SDtoSerial creates new file with raw data than reads from file and print to SerialUSB


HSMCI library has the Debug option which can be enabled (DEFAULT) or disabled. To change that, please open Arduino_Due_SD_HSMCI.h and change constant SD_DEBUG to “true” (enabled) or false (disabled).