LIN master

LIN master node emulation with preemptive background operation. Provide a class to emulate a Local Interconnect Network (LIN) master node with preemptive background operation

platformio lib install 7233


LIN Master Node Emulation

This library implements a Local Interconnect Master node emulation. For an explanation of the LIN bus and protocol e.g. see

Supported functionality:

This library depends on the Task Scheduler library for background operation, which is available via the Arduino IDE library manager or directly from

Supported Boards (with additional LIN hardware):

  • all boards using the Atmel ATMega328 controller, e.g. Arduino Uno and Nano
  • all boards using the Atmel ATMega2560 controller, e.g. Arduino Mega
  • all boards using the Atmel SAM3X8E controller, e.g. Arduino Due

As no device specific tricks are used, other boards should also work, if they are supported by the Task Scheduler library.

Have fun!, Georg