Send and receive objects easily over a stream

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platformio lib install 1003


Protocol Buffers Stream

This library makes easy to send and receive protocol buffers objects through an arduino stream. Serialize and deserialize is a complex task and it gets harder when you have to do it in a very limited hradware like Arduino.

Simple interface

My intention is just send and receive objects.

First create the messenger (the thing that encapsulates all the complexity)

    ProtocolBuffersStream messenger(&Serial);

You only need a stream, in this case I used Serial but it is fully compatible with SD, ethernet and any stuff that implements the Stream class (

For this example is used this proto definition:

message Sensor {
  required int32 id = 1;
  required value float = 2;

Once you have defined your data model (in this case just a class that contains sensor data) you may want to send it.

Sensor sensor = Sensor_init_zero; = 0xabc
sensor.value = 56.43

bool success = messenger.send(Sensor_fields, &sensor);

Thats all, everything is serialized and sent. You also know if everything went fine.

Receiving objects is pretty easy too:

Sensor sensor = Sensor_init_zero;

bool success =, &sensor);
if (success) { = 0xabc
   sensor.value = 56.43

Building your model

This library depends on nanopb ( This means that you have to install nanopb library before use Protocol Buffers Stream.

Installing nanopb

If you are using platformio, just execute:

platformio lib install 431

If you prefer a manual install, you should copy those files into your project from


Google Protocol Buffers Documentation

Check the official documentation ( if you dont know how protocol buffers work