Embedded GUI Library

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This project is forked from RT-Thread Package -- GUI Engine (an open source embedded GUI framework) and heavily refactored.


  • RT-Thread Library

    • Enable GUI, "CONFIG_USING_GUI" in "rtconfig.h"
    • Enable LCD driver, e.g. "CONFIG_USING_ILI" in "rtconfig.h"
    • Enable touch screen driver, e.g. "CONFIG_USING_FT6206" in "rtconfig.h"
    • Enable SD driver, "CONFIG_USING_SPISD" in "rtconfig.h"
  • ChaN's TJpgDec

    • This is a tiny JPEG decoder developed by ChaN
    • To enable, set "GUIENGINE_IMAGE_JPEG" in "guiconfig.h"
  • Lode Vandevenne's LodePNG

    • PNG decoder developed by Lode Vandevenne
    • Encoder is disabled currently
    • No dependency or linkage to zlib or libpng required
    • Made for C (ISO C90) and has C++ wrapper

Available Widgets

Widget Super Class Remark
Widget Object The base class
Container Widget A container (as parent) contains other widgets (as children)
Box (Sizer) Object Attached to container to define the layout of its children
Window Container
Title (Bar) Widget The title bar of a window
Label Widget
Button Label
Progress (Bar) Widget
List Widget
File List List

Available Image Formats

Format Dependence Remark
XPM RTT-GUI internal image format
BMP Support format: 1bpp (bit per pixel), 2bpp (not tested yet), 4bpp, 8bpp, 16bpp (RGB565) and 24bpp (RGB888)
Support scale ratio: 0 (no change) to 1/1024
JPEG ChaN's TJpgDec Support scale ratio: 0 (no change), 1/2, 1/4 and 1/8
PNG Lode Vandevenne's LodePNG

Available Fonts

Format Remark
HZ12 Simplified Chinese
HZ16 Simplified Chinese

The HZ12 and HZ16 are too huge to load to memory, so please load them from SD card instead by: Enable "CONFIG_USING_FONT_FILE" in "guiconfig.h" and copy hz12.fnt and hz16.fnt to SD \font\ directory.

May do the same for ASCII12 and ASCII16 to save memory.


Component License
RTT-GUI GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1
RT-Thread core Apache License 2.0
TJpgDec BSD like License
LodePNG zlib License