Obfuscate JSON.

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Obfuscate JSON.

Disclaimer: This is not an official Google or Dart project.


Befuddle is a simple application and library that is meant to replace representative sets of JSON data (i.e. from a real backend server) with another like-set of data. Befuddle does the following by default:

  • Replaces numbers with similar (random) numbers.
  • Replaces booleans with a random true or false value.
  • Replaces strings with similar (random) strings.
  • Replaces arrays with similar lists, with elements replaced recursively.

For maps (objects), values are replaced recursively similar to the rules above.

However, for keys (properties), it is guaranteed that the randomly generated string is stable for the entire document:

$ befuddle '[{"name": "A"}, {"name": "B"}, {"name": "C"}]'
> [{"0wUc":"u"},{"0wUc":"y"},{"0wUc":"o"}]

This means you could tweak an existing reader/parser to look for 0wUc instead of name, for example.

In future versions of befuddle, it may be possible to emit a symbol map to help with tooling.

From Pub

If you're a Dart user, you can install befuddle globally:

$ pub global activate befuddle
$ befuddle '[{"name": "A"}, {"name": "B"}]'

Or add it to your pubspec:

  befuddle: ^0.1.0

... and use it programatically:

import 'package:befuddle/befuddle.dart';

void main(List<String> args) {