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  • Fireflow is an open source, easy and rapid development tool to build apps like social network service, forum based community service, online shopping service, and much more.

  • Fireflow is especially designed to work with FlutterFlow. You may use it with Flutter as you wish.


Flutterflow is a gorgeous platform to build mobile apps rapidly. Flutterflow developers can build whatever apps they want without limitation.

Flutterflow comes easy when the project is relatively small. But when the project grows with complicated functionalities and logics, you will feel the pressure of what professional developers feel.

Many of Flutterflow developers are stuck with Custom functions, custom widgets, custom actions. They are ultimately important to make your app fully functional. There are helper tools and Flutterflow to build custom code easily. But often, we as Flutterflow developers need more to make it easy and use. And what’s worse is that the more the logic becomes complicate, the more you would stuck in the custom coding.

That’s why Fireflow came out.

Fireflow encapsulates all the complicated logics and is made easy to reuse. Yes, it’s for you if you want to build professional apps like chat apps, SNS apps, community apps, and more.

It’s open source and you can use it for free. The document is written in detail. And you can ask anything about Fireflow.

I make sample projects and sell it by cloning in Flutterflow.


  • Enhanced user management.

    • The documents of the /users collection have private information and shouldn't be disclosed. But the user information is needed to be disclosed for the most app features. To make it happen, I created another collection named /users_public_data that does not hold user's prviate informatio.
  • Chat.

    • Custom design.
    • Push notification. User can subscribe/unsubscribe chat room.
    • Display the number of chat room that has unread messages.
    • Open AI. GPT query. Chat members can query to GPT and share.
    • Uploading any kinds of files like TXT, PDF, ZIP, etc.
    • User invite and leave in Group chat.
    • Moderator can remove a user.
  • Push Notification.

    • Sending push notification is handled by fireflow.
    • Display the foreground push notification on the top snackbar.
  • Enhanced Firestore Security Rules

  • Custom widgets

The Coming Features

  • Forum The complete forum functionality including;

    • Category management
    • User role management
    • Post and comment management including
      • Nested (threaded) comments
    • Push notification
      • Subscribing/Unsubscribing a category
      • Sending push notifications to the author of the parent comments and post.
  • Chat

    • Block the moderator to leave the chat room when there are other members in the room.
    • Destroying the chat room. The fireflow will automatically remove all users and delete the chat room.
    • Block users not to enter the chat room. blockUsers will hold the list of the blocked users.
    • Sending push notification to all users including those who are unsubscribed the chat room.

Getting started

Setting up Firebase

Firestore Security Rules

Fireflow has its own Firestore Security Rules. To apply it, you will need to check the Exclude buttons on the Collections like below.

Flutterflow Firestore Deploy

And copy the fireflow security rules and paste it into your Firebase firestore security rules.

Firestore Security Rules


  • AppService will serve with the core services of fireflow through the lifecyle of the app. You can initialize like below.
import '../../backend/push_notifications/push_notifications_handler.dart';
import 'package:fireflow/fireflow.dart';

Future appService(BuildContext context) async {
    context: context,
    debug: true,
    onTapMessage: (initialPageName, _parameterData) async {
      try {
        final parametersBuilder = parametersBuilderMap[initialPageName];
        if (parametersBuilder != null) {
          final parameterData = await parametersBuilder(_parameterData);
            params: parameterData.params,
            extra: parameterData.extra,
      } catch (e) {
        print('Error: $e');

As you can see, it uses the push_notifications_handler.dart that is generated by Fluterflow. So, you need to check Exclude from compilation.

The onTapMessage is the push notification handler while the app is foreground. And If you don't want it, you can remove that part including import .../push_notifications_handler.dart; And uncheck the Exclude from compilation.

  • There are some functions, widgets and actions that don't need to connect to Firebase and don't need to use BuildContext. They are called as Independent Components.

    • For Independent Components, you don't have to initialize the AppService.
    • I should have decoupled the Independent Components, but I didn't for hoping that people who need the Independent Components would get interested in fireflow.
  • One thing to note is that, the context that is given to AppService must be valid context. You may initialized the AppService on all the root level screens to provide valid context.


How to display menu when the chat message has tapped.

  • message copy, edit, delete, open, etc.

How to leave a group chat room.

How to display an uploaded file.

How to not invite the same user.

How to display the protocol message.

  • When someone invited.
  • When someone removed.
  • When someone leave.

How to remove a user

Push notification

How to receive and display the push notifications while the app is foreground.

Displaying the number of chat rooms with new messages.

Querying to the Open AI - GPT.


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Custom Popup widget.


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