A simple yet functional audio library for Flutter Desktop. It can play MP3 files in your Flutter Desktop app.

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A simple yet functional 🎶 audio library for Flutter Desktop.

Right now, as it is just a start, it supports MP3 playback. I'll try to increase the domain of support formats with time & plan is to provide metadata of a track aswell.

Feel free to open issue anytime.

⬇️ Install

Mention in your pubspec.yaml requirements:

  flutter_audio_desktop: ^0.0.5

📐 Usage

// Start AudioPlayer.
var audioPlayer = new AudioPlayer();

// Load audio file.

// Start playing loaded audio file.

// Get audio duration.
print('Duration Of Track: ${audioPlayer.getDuration()}');

// Change playback volume.
print('Changed volume to 50%.');

// Change playback position.
audioPlayer.setPosition(Duration(seconds: 10));

// Get playback position.
print('Position of playback after skipping 10 seconds: ${audioPlayer.getPosition()}');

Timer(Duration(seconds: 10), () {

    // Pause the playback.
    print('Playback of audio stopped after 10 seconds.');

You can see this simple example app, if you are confused with the usage.

❤️ Like the library?

Feel free to use in your Flutter Desktop app. Consider starring the repository if you want to show YOUR SUPPORT to the development & appreciate the effort.

✔️ Progress

The library is supported on Microsoft Windows & Linux.

Platform Status
Microsoft Windows Working
Linux Working
MacOS Not Working

🔧 How It Works ?

One word, C++. It calls native methods using dart's MethodChannel. It uses miniaudio from David Reid.

I wrote this simple wrapper in C++ around his library to get this working.

There is not any audio playback library for Flutter Desktop at the moment, so I decided to write one myself.

💌 Thanks to David Reid.