Secures your secrets in keychain using biometric authentication (Fingerprint, Touch ID, Face ID...)

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Flutter Locker🔒


Flutter plugin that secures your secrets in keychain using biometric authentication (Fingerprint, Touch ID, Face ID...).

It uses:



Checks if the devices has biometric features

FlutterLocker.save(SaveSecretRequest(key, secret, AndroidPrompt("Authenticate", "Cancel")))

Saves the secret. On Android prompt is shown, while on iOS there is no need for the prompt when saving.

FlutterLocker.retrieve(RetrieveSecretRequest(key, AndroidPrompt('Authenticate', 'Cancel'), IOsPrompt('Authenticate')))

Retrieves the secret. You need to provide a prompt for Android and iOS. Prompt for iOS is used only with TouchID. FaceID uses strings for Info.plist.


Deletes the key.


There are some common exceptions you can intercept and handle. We return FlutterLockerException and you can read exception.reason for these common cases:

  • secretNotFound - Happens when you try to retrieve a secret that was never saved for that key
  • authenticationCanceled - User canceled the authentication prompt
  • authenticationFailed - User failed authentication, e.g. by too many wrong attempts

There are many more specific errors that can happen on any platform. In that case you'll receive PlatformException with some more info in exception.message.

Notes and setup


  • iOS only: app will not show authentication dialog when saving (authentication will always succeed)
  • iOS only: you can't override password with new one. You need the use delete first.
  • please follow Locker's and Goldfinger's setup to prevent any issues.


  • in order to use Locker, you need to ask permission for Face ID usage:
  • add following to your Info.plist from drop down menu
    • Privacy - Face ID usage description
    • after new field was added, provide meaningful description
  • failure to do so will result in following error
    This app has crashed because it attempted to access privacy-sensitive data without a usage description.  The app's Info.plist must contain an NSFaceIDUsageDescription key with a string value explaining to the user how the app uses this data.