Networking Tools library which can help you discover open ports, devices on subnet and many other things.

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Network Tools

pub package

Network Tools Supported

  1. Host Scanner

  2. Port Scanner a. Single b. Range c. Custom

What's not supported

  1. Mac Address of other devices on network

Import package in your app

import 'package:network_tools/network_tools.dart'; 


Host Scanner

 String ip = '';
  // or You can also get ip using network_info_plus package
  // final String? ip = await (NetworkInfo().getWifiIP());
  final String subnet = ip.substring(0, ip.lastIndexOf('.'));
  final stream =, firstSubnet: 1, lastSubnet: 50,
      progressCallback: (progress) {
    print('Progress for host discovery : $progress');

  stream.listen((host) {
    //Same host can be emitted multiple times
    //Use Set<ActiveHost> instead of List<ActiveHost>
    print('Found device: ${host}');
  }, onDone: () {
    print('Scan completed');
  }); // Don't forget to cancel the stream when not in use.

Port Scanner

  //1. Range
  String target = '';, startPort: 0, endPort: 1024,
      progressCallback: (progress) {
    print('Progress for port discovery : $progress');
  }).listen((event) {
    if (event.isOpen) {
      print('Found open port : $event');
  }, onDone: () {
    print('Scan completed');
  //2. Single
  bool isOpen = PortScanner.isOpen(target,80);
  //3. Custom
  PortScanner.customDiscover(target, portList : const [22, 80, 139]);

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Inspired from ping_discover_network