A Flutter Plugin for a SImple Add and Subtract Widget for int.

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Flutter plugins

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This repo is a companion repo to the main flutter repo. It contains the source code for Flutter third-party plugins (i.e., plugins developed by Rody Davis). Check the packages directory for all plugins.

Flutter plugins enable access to platform-specific APIs. For more information about plugins, and how to use them, see


Please file any issues, bugs, or feature requests in the repo.


If you wish to contribute a new plugin to the Flutter ecosystem, please see the documentation for developing packages and platform channels. You can store your plugin source code in any GitHub repository. Once your plugin is ready you can publish to the pub repository.

If you wish to contribute a change to any of the existing plugins in this repo, please review our contribution guide, and send a pull request.


These are the available plugins in this repository.

Plugin Pub
get_version pub package
app_review pub package
flutter_sms pub package
flutter_whatsnew pub package
native_widgets pub package
number_control pub package
flutter_midi pub package
cupertino_controllers pub package
persist_theme pub package
data_tables pub package
dynamic_tabs pub package
sheet_music pub package
floating_search_bar pub package
responsive_scaffold pub package
mobile_popup pub package
mobile_sidebar pub package