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New state management approach with best parts of redux and bloc (Business logic component) pattern with additional features.

Basic concept There is one or more Store objects that handle State of application. State changes is based on events. Presenter dispatch Event as a result of some UI action. If something must be changed in the State - ModificationEvent should be used with Reducer inside. If event is not modification SideEffectEvent can be used or any custom event type. Event can be handled by Middleware from the Store if it satisfies its conditions. In this case side effects will be handled like network calls, API calls, etc. ModificationEvent with its Reducer modifies and update State’s stateStream. And this stateStream usually is base for Store’s nextState. So UI gets a new state to show.

Special features: State supports comparison based on comparison of its meaningful props. So you will never get the same as previous state in stateStream. So your UI won’t be called with the same data. State is the mutable class. Garbage collector won’t work so often. And already created Objects will be reused instead of creating new same ones. Store tracks app lifecycle and save its State when app goes to background and restore it when app back to foreground. So user can continue with the place/screen he stopped. Presenter supports dispose. So if user goes to another screen all needed clean up will be done. Support passing Presenter and Store through widget tree with Provider package helps. So you don’t need to pass it deep with the constructors. In UI you can listen to not only all new State events but also propertyStream for listening only one property (which can be property of State or mapped Object from State). So UI will be rebuilt less time.