Module to install and manage Choria

puppet module install choria-choria --version 0.24.0



The Choria Orchestrator

A modern Orchestration Engine with roots in The Marionette Collective. Please review the Official Documentation for installation guidance.


Package Repo and Basic Installation

At present RHEL 5 - 7, Debian Stretch and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) are supported, the repository also include packages for other tools like our Stream Replicator etc.

It's best configured using Hiera, to install the YUM Repository and install a particular version with some basic adjustments this will be enough.

choria::manage_package_repo: true
choria::version: 0.0.7-1.el%{facts.os.release.major}
choria::log_level: warn
include choria

Configuring the Choria Server

The Choria Server replaces mcollectived.

On all your nodes where you wish to run the new service:

choria::server: true
choria::manage_package_repo: true

On all nodes including those that are pure MCollective and your clients:

  security.serializer: "json"

Configuring the Choria Broker

In all cases below you need to ensure the choria::broker class is used:

include choria::broker

Configuration for the various scenarios are shown via Hiera, you can run all scenarios on the same instance.

Configure a Standalone Choria Broker

We can now configure a standalone Choria Broker, it will listen on ports 4222, 4223 and 8222 on ::, these are configurable via other properties of choria::broker

Please review the Choria Network Broker documentation for full details.

choria::broker::network_broker: true

Configure a Choria Broker Cluster

To configure a Broker Cluster over port 4223 you can add this data:

  - nats://
  - nats://
  - nats://

This will build a TLs secures Choria Broker Cluster

Configure Federation Brokers

To Federate a network - london - into a Federated Collective you'd run a Federation Broker in the london LAN with the following configuration:

Please review the Federations of Collectives documentation for full details.

choria::broker::federation_broker: true
choria::broker::federation_cluster: london

This will use the SRV domain configured in choria::srvdomain to find the brokers to connect to as per the documentation.

You can configure custom addresses to connec to:


Configure a NATS Streaming Adapter

Given a NATS Stream server with a cluster id prod_stream this will adapt Registration messages received in the Collective to the NATS Stream for processing using Stream Processing patterns.

Please review the Data Adapters documentation for full details.

      type: "nats_stream"
      clusterid: prod_stream
      topic: discovery
      workers: 10
      topic: mcollective.broadcast.agent.discovery
      protocol: request
      workers: 10