DSC resources for for configuration of a Windows computer. These DSC resources allow you to perform computer management tasks, such as renaming the computer, joining a domain and scheduling tasks as well as configuring items such as virtual memory, event logs, time zones and power settings.

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puppet module install dsc-computermanagementdsc --version 8.4.0-0-3



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The ComputerManagementDsc module contains the following resources:

  • Computer: This resource allows you to configure a computer by changing its name and description and modifying its Active Directory domain or workgroup membership.

  • IEEnhancedSecurityConfiguration: This resource allows you to configure the IE Enhanced Security Configuration for administrator or user roles.

  • OfflineDomainJoin: This resource allows you to join computers to an Active Directory domain using an Offline Domain Join request file.

  • PendingReboot: This resource examines specific registry locations where a Windows Server might indicate that a reboot is pending and allows DSC to predictably handle the condition.

  • PowerPlan: This resource allows specifying a power plan to activate.

  • PowerShellExecutionPolicy: Specifies the desired PowerShell execution policy.

  • RemoteDesktopAdmin: This resource will manage the remote desktop administration settings on a computer.

  • ScheduledTask: This resource is used to define basic run once or recurring scheduled tasks on the local computer. It can also be used to delete or disable built-in scheduled tasks.

    The ScheduledTask resource requires the ScheduledTasks PowerShell module which is only available on Windows Server 2012/Windows 8 and above. DSC configurations containing this resource may be compiled on Windows Server 2008 R2/Windows 7 but can not be applied.

  • SmbServerConfiguration: This resource is used to configure the SMB Server settings on the local machine.

  • SmbShare: This resource is used to manage SMB shares on a machine.

  • SystemLocale: This resource is used to set the system locale on a Windows machine

  • TimeZone: This resource is used for setting the time zone on a machine.

  • UserAccountControl: This resource allows you to configure the notification level or granularly configure the User Account Control for the computer.

  • VirtualMemory: This resource allows configuration of properties of the paging file on the local computer.

  • WindowsEventLog: This resource allows configuration of a specified Windows Event Log.

  • WindowsCapability: This resource provides a mechanism to enable or disable Windows Capabilities on a target node.

This project has adopted this code of conduct.

Documentation and Examples

For a full list of resources in ComputerManagementDsc and examples on their use, check out the ComputerManagementDsc wiki.