This puppet module downloads and installs the dynatrace unified agent on windows and linux systems.

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puppet module install dynatrace-dynatraceoneagent --version 1.7.0


Dynatrace OneAgent module for puppet


This module installs the OneAgent on Linux, Windows and AIX Operating Systems


Requires puppet/archive

Requires puppet-labs/reboot for Windows reboots


Available from GitHub (via cloning) or via Puppet forge dynatrace/dynatraceoneagent

Refer to the customize OneAgent installation documentation on Dynatrace Supported Operating Systems

This module uses the Dynatrace deployment API for downloading the installer for each supported OS. See Deployment API


Look at init.pp to see what can be configured.

Default OneAgent install parameters defined in params.pp as a hash map: INFRA_ONLY=0, APP_LOG_CONTENT_ACCESS=1

Sample latest OneAgent version installation using a SAAS tenant

class { 'dynatraceoneagent':
    tenant_url  => 'https://{your-environment-id}.live.dynatrace.com',
    paas_token  => '{your-paas-token}',

Sample OneAgent installation using a managed tenant with a specific version. The required version of the OneAgent must be in format. See Deployment API - GET available versions of OneAgent

class { 'dynatraceoneagent':
    tenant_url  => 'https://{your-domain}/e/{your-environment-id}',
    paas_token  => '{your-paas-token}',
    version     => '',

Advanced configuration

Download OneAgent installer to a custom directory with additional OneAgent install parameters and reboot server after install should be defined as follows (will override default install params):

class { 'dynatraceoneagent':
    tenant_url            => 'https://{your-environment-id}.live.dynatrace.com',
    paas_token            => '{your-paas-token}',
    version               => '',
    download_dir          => 'C:\\Download Dir\\',
    reboot_system         => true,
    oneagent_params_hash  => {
        'INFRA_ONLY'             => '0',
        'APP_LOG_CONTENT_ACCESS' => '1',
        'HOST_GROUP'             => 'PUPPET_WINDOWS',
        'INSTALL_PATH'           => 'C:\Test Directory',

For Windows, because download_dir is a string variable, 2 backslashes are required

Since the oneagent install parameter INSTALL_PATH can be defined within a hash map, no escaping is needed for Windows file paths

For further information on how to handle file paths on Windows, visit Handling file paths on Windows


tenant_url - required

URL of your dynatrace Tenant

  • Managed: https://{your-domain}/e/{your-environment-id}
  • SaaS: https://{your-environment-id}.live.dynatrace.com

paas_token - required

PAAS token for downloading one agent installer

version - optional

The required version of the OneAgent in format - default is latest

arch - optional

The architecture of your OS - default is all

installer_type - optional

The type of the installer - default is default

download_dir - optional

OneAgent installer file download directory. Defaults are:

  • Linux/AIX : /tmp/
  • Windows : C:\Windows\Temp\

oneagent_params_hash - optional

Hash map of additional parameters to pass to the installer

Default OneAgent install parameters defined in params.pp as a hash map:

  • INFRA_ONLY => 0

reboot_system - optional

If set to true, puppet will reboot the server after installing the OneAgent - default is false