puppet module install kinners00-nessus_agent --version 1.0.0



Table of Contents

  1. Description
  2. Usage - Examples and general tips on how to use the content in this module
  3. Contributions - Guide for contributing to the module


The nessus_agent module allows you to install, link and unlink nessus agents across linux and windows.



Tasks are cross platform so you only need to specify your targets and the task will work out what needs to be done per supported OS across *nix & windows. Whilst they are cross platform tasks, you can only run the nessus_agent::link & nessus_agent::unlink tasks on a mix of targets comprising of disparate oses at the same time.

Agent Install


bolt task run -t <targets> nessus_agent::install installer_path="C:\tmp\NessusAgent-8.2.2-x64.msi"


RPM & DEB are both supported

bolt task run -t <targets> nessus_agent::install installer_path="/tmp/NessusAgent-8.2.2-es7.x86_64.rpm"

Agent Link

If you're using then at the very minimum, you'll only need to pass your linking key and your Nessus agents will pair with your tenable instance however they're a bunch of optional parameters you can take advantage of such agent name, groups, offline install and more.

Pair with

bolt task run -t <targets> nessus_agent::link key=836e1c023f20601162f908234835c0aa1c61c91a4c750a1f094b4adfc396cdde

Pair with Nessus Manager

bolt task run -t <targets> nessus_agent::link key=<yourkey> host="" port=8834


bolt task run -t <targets> nessus_agent::link key=<yourkey> groups="mygroup"

Multiple Groups

bolt task run -t <targets> nessus_agent::link key=<yourkey> groups="mygroup,mygroup2,mygroup3"


bolt task run -t <targets> nessus_agent::link key=<yourkey> name=""

Offline Install

bolt task run -t <targets> nessus_agent::link key=<yourkey> offline_install=yes

Proxy host & Port

There are also additional flags around proxy usage with Tenable such as pass proxy_username, proxy_password and proxy_agent.

bolt task run -t <targets> nessus_agent::link key=<yourkey> host=<myhost> port=<hostport> proxy_host="" proxy_port="8834"

Agent Unlink

bolt task run -t <targets> nessus_agent::unlink


Upload, Install & Link Agent

All of the parameters found in nessus_agent::install and nessus_agent::link tasks are supported in this "complete workflow" plan. This plan will allow you to specify a Nessus agent install package locally on your bolt workstation for upload to your remote targets. Once uploaded, it will then install the Nessus agent using the package provided and link the Tenable agent to or Nessus Manager, depending on the flags passed.

bolt plan run test::install_link -t <targets> install_file_local="/home/user/NessusAgent-8.2.2-x64.msi" install_file_destination="C:\tmp" installer_path="C:\tmp\NessusAgent-8.2.2-x64.msi" key=<yourkey> groups=<mygroups>

Install and Link only

You can set upload=false to skip the upload step and only install and link agents if you've already uploaded the Nessus agent installer to the target node(s) via alternate methods.

bolt plan run test::install_link -t <targets> installer_path=<pathtoinstaller> key=<yourkey> groups=<mygroups> upload=false


If anyone would like to contribute to the module, that would be awesome and very much welcomed.


If you're experiencing any bugs, please raise an issue below:

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