Puppet module to manage etcd

puppet module install tailoredautomation-etcd --version 0.4.0



Table of Contents

  1. Module Description
  2. Setup - The basics of getting started with Etcd
  3. Usage - Configuration options and additional functionality
  4. Reference
  5. Limitations - OS compatibility, etc.

Module Description

Installs and manages Etcd

Documented with Puppet Strings

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Setup - The basics of getting started with Etcd

What etcd affects

This module will download the compiled binaries for etcd and extra the archive and install the necessary binaries, configuration files and services.

Setup requirements

All module dependencies are listed in this module's metadata.json.

Usage - Configuration options and additional functionality

Basic Etcd

To install and run a single instance of etcd it's sufficient to just include the etcd class:

include etcd

All configuration for etcd.yaml is done via the config parameter, example:

class { 'etcd':
  config => {
    'data-dir' => '/var/lib/etcd',
    'wal-dir'  => '/var/lib/etcd/wal',

Clustered Etcd

The following is an example of a clustered etcd setup. Adjust name, initial-advertise-peer-urls and advertise-client-urls for each host in the cluster.

class { 'etcd':
  config => {
    'data-dir'                    => '/var/lib/etcd',
    'name'                        => 'infra1',
    'initial-advertise-peer-urls' => '',
    'listen-peer-urls'            => '',
    'listen-client-urls'          => '',
    'advertise-client-urls'       => '',
    'initial-cluster-token'       => 'etcd-cluster-1',
    'initial-cluster'             => 'infra0=,infra1=,infra2=',
    'initial-cluster-state'       => 'new',

Etcd Upgrades

Upgrades using this module are performed by increasing the value provided to version.

If the previous version was 3.4.7 then the following would upgrade etcd to 4.0.0:

class { 'etcd':
  version => '4.0.0',

Puppet will download the new etcd, update the symlinks for etcd binary and restart the etcd service.


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This module is only supported on Linux based systems.