An asynchronous AJAX library built using Aff.

psc-package install affjax



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A library taking advantage of purescript-aff to enable pain-free asynchronous AJAX requests and response handling.

Getting Started


bower install purescript-affjax

If you are intending to use the library in a Node.js setting rather than the browser, you will need an additional dependency from npm:

npm install xhr2


You can construct requests with the affjax function:

module Main where

import Prelude

import Data.Argonaut.Core as J
import Data.Either (Either(..))
import Data.HTTP.Method (Method(..))
import Effect.Aff (launchAff)
import Effect.Class (liftEffect)
import Effect.Console (log)
import Network.HTTP.Affjax as AX
import Network.HTTP.Affjax.Response as AXRes

main = launchAff $ do
  res <- AX.affjax AXRes.json (AX.defaultRequest { url = "/api", method = Left GET })
  liftEffect $ log $ "GET /api response: " <> J.stringify res.response

(defaultRequest is a record value that has all the required fields pre-set for convenient overriding when making a request.)

Or use of a number of helpers for common cases:

import Network.HTTP.Affjax.Request as AXReq

main = launchAff $ do
  res1 <- AX.get AXRes.json "/api"
  liftEffect $ log $ "GET /api response: " <> J.stringify res1.response

  res2 <- AXRes.json "/api" (AXReq.json (J.fromString "test"))
  liftEffect $ log $ "POST /api response: " <> J.stringify res2.response

See the module documentation for a full list of these helpers.

Module documentation

Module documentation is published on Pursuit.