Pointed sum types definition, instances, and combinators.

psc-package install pointed



CI Release Pursuit Maintainer: vladciobanu

Pointed sum types definition, instances, and combinators.

This is an (almost) direct translation of Emily Pillmore's excellent smash Haskell library.


Install pointed with Spago:

spago install pointed

Quick start

TODO: Add some examples here.


TODO: Link pursuit documentation.

If you get stuck, there are several ways to get help:


You can contribute to pointed in several ways:

  1. If you encouter a problem, or have a question, please open an issue.
  2. Add documentation or code via a pull request.
  3. Improve the library in any way by opening a PR. If the change is non-trivial, it is strongly recommended you open an issue first and discuss it with the maintainer.
  4. If you use this library or write other libraries using this library as a dependency, please let us know!

Ideas for the future

Can we make a pointed generic type? That is, a Pointed xs, which has all types in xs as Maybes, with an extra maybe on the top. Might be worth investigating.