Purescript bindings to `ioredis` client library

psc-package install redis-client



Redis client library for PureScript. This library depends on the npm library ioredis. To use this library, you must manually install ioredis.

API notes

Sorted sets score values

In case of sorted set methods which operate on score value (like zrange, zadd etc.) we are using Int53 type to represent score values. However all functions which take score as an input accept values of all types which implement Int53Value instance. In other words you can pass just Int score values to them.

Patched ioredis behavior

For compatibility reasons with raw redis protocol this library mutates globaly response type of javascript hgetall method to:

Array { key ∷ ByteString, value ∷ ByteString }

If you provide better way to handle this (custom method) I would happily merge it...


Please run redis-server on port 43210 with clear redis database - test suite refuse to run if db is no empty.

Basic workflow can look like this:

redis-server --port 43210 &

and running tests with db cleanup can be done with:

echo flushdb | redis-cli -p 43210 | pulp test


This library started as a fork of TinkerTravel/purescript-redis which is not maintained any more.